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Nov 29, 2013 5:00am PST
as the site of the 2020 olympics. >>> a japanese advisory panel has urged the government to slash its deficit next year by much more than the previous target. the group says the cut should exceed to about $39 billion u.s. dollars. the council submitted a report and fiscal health to finance minister taro aso. the government faces a challenge of slashing the budget deficit, while pursuing growth. deficit has swelled to more than $220 billion. the government had set a goal of cutting the deficit by $39 billion in fiscal 2014 and 2015. the budget deficit is the gap between tax revenue and spending. in the report, it says japan faces a critical budget situation and called for more streamlining of social security expenditures and tax allocations in next year's budget. >>> well, some folks in the u.s. got a jump on things following thanksgiving dinner. the year-end shopping season is in full swing in the u.s. this year many stores started holiday sales earlier than usual to attract holiday shoppers. ♪ and a major toy store in new york's times square began sales on thursday evening instead of waiti
Dec 1, 2013 5:15am EST
: it certainly did change. for example, one of the big issue that the administration faced was trade deficit. when we think about trade deficit today we think it's what we have. these are the -- annual phenomena. for the united states. in fact when carter came top office in '77 it was very new. the united states had only experienced the first trade deficit in 1971. it first since '80 and '90s. it was a new phenomena. and the previous nixon/ford administration. the u.s. sort of to -- carter come in to office they start on a more permanent character. initially, initially, the administration isn't quite sure what to do about the deficit. they think it's a more situational more temporary phenomena. they think it's a result of excessive -- not excessive but high price we're paying for imported oil. they also think it's a result of the fact that the united states is recovered relatively better from this recession in the mid '70s and the trading partners. meaning we were -- what should we do about it? initially the lessons were we shouldn't really do anything. we don't want to make it seem like it'
Nov 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
meeting. this is 35 minutes. >> larry summers on the deficit and economic growth. this is 35 minutes. >> it is my great honor and privilege to be here with larry summers. when he was two years old his parents took him to his pediatrician who happened to be my father. according to larry's father, a story he told, his parents expressed concern that larry was not talking much at two years old. supposedly my father's response was i would not worry about it once he starts. he will never stop. so with that. >> moving right along. asked if we had been able to post questions i would have asked you but i will ask for a show of hands. if you had to pick the top priority, the single top economic rarity for the u.s. government right now and they give you a choice between reducing the long-term deficit and doing something to spur growth in the short-term and the long-term, deficit or growth, you only get one vote. how many people would choose the deficit over growth? how many people would choose rose over the deficit? i have been here watching for 30 years. for much of that time we have been obse
Nov 28, 2013 8:30pm PST
the eight k co japan lived on eighty three billion dollars in a trade deficit last year i was the largest on record on house this year a japanese exporters are doing better overseas that but officials at traders group stayed there is a faster growth in imports and they predict japan's trade deficit this fiscal year will be new the record high. japan foreign trade council officials say the trade deficit will reach almost one hundred twenty billion dollars that will make the second year in seven new high. exporters are expected to sell nearly ten percent more over the previous fiscal year thanks to a weaker yen buyers abroad are snapping up more japanese cars auto parts and chips for communication equipments. but the rise in imports is expected to exceed export growth at fourteen percent power companies are paying more on the weaker yen for imported liquefied natural gas and crude oil and finance are purchasing more foreign aid smartphones. council officials projected deficit is shrinking the following fiscal year. they say it will dip to one hundred billion dollars and they suggested globa
Nov 24, 2013 11:00am EST
account deficits, and also, every single one of them tells me every time i talk to them that we have to figure out a way to track more capital. something happened over the last 10-15 years and i think that emerging markets understand that they have to be competitive here and they have to create is this environments that will attract all of you. -- have to be creative -- and they have to create attractive environments that will attract all of you. there is so much infrastructure need an investment needs in these countries and they all know that they need to attract private capital. the opportunity may be much greater than you think standing from the outside looking at places like the has -- like the sahara. >> stan fisher, what do you think? >> hi think they did very well for a decade, a decade of easy money and access to finance. but if you look at the brics, the bric is china and the others have not yet built a framework that will be very stable. the chinese have produced a plan that's nobody understood in the beginning. but now that time has gone by, it looks better and better, inc
Nov 26, 2013 1:00pm PST
. and by the way, we've done all this while bringing down our deficits. after years of -- of trillion-dollar deficits, we have reined in spending. you would think sometimes listening to folks in washington that we haven't made any progress on that front. we wound down two wars, we changed the tax code that was too skewed towards the wealthiest americans at the expense of the middle class. you add it up, we have cut our deficits by more than half, and they continue to go down faster than any time since world war ii. so all totalled, our businesses have created 7.8 billion jobs, america has gone farther, recovered faster than most other industrialized nations. but as melody said, we've got more work to do. stock markets are doing great. corporate profits soaring. but too many americans aren't sharing in that success. and everybody here -- >> good afternoon, i'm joy reid in for martin bashir. we've been watching president obama wrapping up his three-day west coast tour, speaking on the economy at dreamworks, the force behind animated hits like "shrek" and "kung-fu panda" and a place the
Nov 27, 2013 12:00pm PST
deficits. i have been chair of the budget committee for the past couple of years. i am still involved in budget issues. i want to make sure i can be helpful to my colleagues who are grappling with our huge deficit. it is inevitable that we are going to make painful cuts, so how do we do it in a way that will minimize the impact to every day san franciscans, how can we keep our parks in good conditions? how do we maintain our safety net for public health services, public security services, public safety? all these are critical decision that need to be made. the pension question is something that comes up. the cost of our pension liability will cost the city, especially because of our investments in the market have come down since 2008. we are spending more of our general fund to pay our pension costs. that is a big challenge. it is a long-term problem, but it also has short-term implications. we know right away we are not going to have the enough money as we need to cover our services and pension costs as well. i support efforts to figure out short-term solutions around contributions t
Nov 27, 2013 12:30pm PST
city government right now. over each of the years i have served, we have had to balance budget deficits that were around $500 million. this year, we're facing another budget deficit of almost $400 million. fortunately in recent years, we have had some ability to do some one-time budgeting tricks that allow us to balance the budget that do not exist this year. in past years, we've received federal stimulus money. we received more monies from the state government. last year our labor unions decided to contribute a quarter of a billion dollars to help balance last year's and this year's budget. those are things we do not have the ability to avail ourselves of us we balance the upcoming budget in a few months. we are faced with far fewer options. i think we are going to have to continue to look at very deep and difficult cuts. our priorities have to be insuring and protecting the most basic city services and helping to ensure that we have services to the most vulnerable during this great recession. >> what about the city's housing needs? what should the board due to address those needs? >>
FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 2:00am PST
run annual trillion dollar budget deficits. the united states doesn't have a budget and hasn't had one since 2009. that's why you shouldn't expand medicaid. number one, a broken entitlement. number two, the federal government doesn't have the money to pay for it. it's going to cost $800 billion. >> can i make a point -- >> why is it okay for millennials to have to use the emergency room for health care. can we have that conversation again. for millennials to be kicked off health insurance. >> we'll take a break and come back. and coming up, president obama has repeatedly governed under the premise do as i say not as i do. we're going to ask these guys what they think about what's happening. the hyper partisan tone. >>> only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the challenges of our nation. i do believe there is hope for civility. i do believe there's hope for progress. >> i hope that we will continue to engage each other with the spirit of civility and seriousness that has brought us this far. >> i still believe we can repla replace acrimony. >> the president
Nov 24, 2013 1:00pm EST
to do is something that is good for the deficit. are we reducing the deficit or not. that is point number one. i more than happy to cut spending in a smarter way to replace these across-the-board cuts. do any a way that produces more deficit reduction. that would be a step in the right direction. it wish of the government can work in function even divided. it can do that, and they'll be a good sign of confidence. it is nice to show that the parties can function on a basic level. we are not going to raise taxes because we think it is bad for the economy. it takes pressure off the kind of fiscal discipline we finally have, getting spending under control breed it is only under control in discretionary. we would like to bring reforms over there if we want ease discretionary problems. >> if you cannot get that deal you described, would you be able to accept an extension of the sequester? >> that is what we will do. >> you would consider that? >> we will take the cuts we have got and the fiscal discipline we have. there is a smarter way of doing it. we cannot do it that way, we will stic
Nov 25, 2013 2:30pm PST
. we're getting money back. the job corps does not add to the deficit of the united states, it reduces the deficit. congressional republicans and democrats joined to reject the reagan abolition attempt and give the job corps a new lease on life. 40,500 job corps trainees a year were a good investment, congress felt, in the battle against poverty. we asked analyst richard gill what economists think of the job corps and the war on poverty. the main lesson we can learn is that reducing hardcore poverty, even in the so-called "affluent society," is extremely difficult. in principle, the theory behind the job corps concept is far more attractive than that of simple transfer payments. here, peter -- or rather, uncle sam -- trains paul to enable him to find a productive place in society. unfortunately, by any measure, this is an expensive procedure. the training is expensive, trainees often drop out, and even when they finish the program, they may find it difficult to find jobs, particularly if general unemployment is high. this is really the "leaking bucket" problem. we fill a bucket with wa
Nov 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
is the most eminent issue, and we do have a structural budget deficit in the city, so we need to deal, of course, with the short-term balancing our budget in a way that does not decimate city services that people rely on, but also to address our long- term structural budget deficit, and that means implementing some budget reforms. smooth out our budget process so it is not a boom/bust kind of budget. reforming our pension system and retiree health care system so that they are stable. we do a decent job providing low-income housing. we do a terrible job providing housing for low or middle class and middle-class people, people who are working and paying taxes that we need to have here for a functioning economy, so i am looking for ways to try to fund that, particularly for essential employees like teachers, nurses, first responders. projects coming up in the city like the renovation of dolores park, which is a once in 50 years opportunity to define what the park is and what changes we want to make to it. that will be a very significant projects. [inaudible] when was the last time it rai
Nov 25, 2013 2:00pm EST
.s. balance of deficits. that's why in my opinion this issue has to be resolved if we want to protect international trade and where we have been doing the best as americans in europe. so i await to hear from both the attorney general and the commissioner, and i want to hear from both of them so that they don't get spun into the wrong direction. that's why as a lawyer i do believe in adversarial proceedings rather than hearing a learned presentation on one side and coming to a better learned conclusion. that's usually where trouble starts. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. there is one i'm going to use for a moment, the privilege of moderator here. yesterday, the documents that were released showed that the e-mail metadata collection program was being conducted under the pin register and trade provisions of the u.s.a. patriot act but how does the bill that you sponsored address that type of metadata collection? >> it increases the standards for metadata collection to trap and trade and pin register as well as the use of national security letters. to the same standards
Nov 24, 2013 10:00pm EST
and the very considerable activism which has created a major uncertainty especially with the deficit, are what the tax rates are going to be in the far distant future. if you don't know what a tax rate is on a capital project in which you are in the process of discussing to implement that project is going nowhere and indeed that is what is happening so the problem is when it asks what is the outlook, it's a very long answer to a very short question. going to depend very critically on whether the degree of uncertainty will be brought down. i think there are some signs that it's happening but the resumption of thing is going to come back very fast i think is unrealistic. fortunately we have asset prices housing prices of course has moved up quite significantly and they are still moving but remember that single-family housing starts have come back a great deal but there are still only one third of what they were at the top. you can do the same thing by going project by project in the business investment areas. i have a specific ratio which i use which is very useful, which is the ratio of what pr
Nov 30, 2013 11:00am EST
a major uncertainty uncertainty -- especially the deficit -- are what the tax rates are going to be in the far distant future. if every year tax rates are on a capital project which you're in the process of discussing to implement, that project is going nowhere and, indeed, that's what's happening, what has happened. and so the problem is when you ask what is the outlook -- this is a very long answer to a very short question -- [laughter] it's going to depend very critically on whether the degree of uncertainty can be brought down. i think there are some signs it is happening, but the presumption that this thing's going to come back very fast, i think, is unrealistic. we still, i mean, fortunately, we have asset prices which still have a way to move up. housing prices, of course, have moved up quite significantly, and they're still moving. but remember, the single-family housing starts have come back a great deal, but they're still only one-third of where they were at the top. and you can do the same thing by going project by project in the business investment area. it's all s
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 5:00am EST
is concerned about deficits as are most americans and he was actually opposed to tax cuts and then he says that we need a tax cut to get this economy going. and eventually the revenues will start to inccease. >> at that time come about, that was actually considered part of keynesianism. you had some liberals who said that it's really all about spending. and jfk rected that, he rejected what was favored, which was let's have a lot of spending programs. neil: would he have gone along with lbj's plan and i. >> i am not so sure that he would have. because he was very concerned about how the impact of these deficits were going to be on the country. but he rejected the idea that we should have deficits define economic policy. because he said that if we can get the economy going, and we will have much greater productivity and ultimately this will increase. and if you look at that, but he had put it into place, he did not just cut the marginal tax rates from 91% on the 70% for personal income taxes, he also cut corporate taxes and he also made it shorter that they close up a lot of loopholes and $
Nov 28, 2013 7:00am EST
. we had $1 trillion deficits. that was not enough. those kinds of things work when the structure of the economy is fundamentally sound. the product of republican and democratic administrations neglect. one is the exchange rate. i am not bothered by call center jobs but by backroom services of lawyers being outsourced. if we cannot provide jobs for lawyers, that tells me there is something wrong. that is technical. there is other things my colleague alluded to that are dysfunctional. american higher education. university of maryland, the university of minnesota need to be cleaned up. they are about as dysfunctional as hhs when it comes to bureaucracy. i have colleagues who come to meetings. they remind me of the ancient greeks. they spent much other times tied up in lawsuits, much as we do. the committee heard the arguments. all of the freemen of athens would listen to the evidence. they never got much done. think of the bureaucratic costs and think about our health care system. if we look at health care education, they do not manage to get a darn thing done. california, their web
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am EST
it done. we know the immigration reform we are proposing will boost our economy and shrink our deficit. economists say if the senate bill became law, over the next two decades our economy would trillion and it would reduce our deficit by 850 ball in -- $850 billion. you don't have to be an economist to know workers will be more productive with their families with them or worried about deportation. this is not the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. just because something is smart or fair and is supported by enforcement, itw- does not mean it will get done. this is washington, after all. everything is looked her up local prism. -- look through a political prism. some people think if obama is for it, then i have to be against it. it for everybody, tond his great credit my republican predecessor, president bush, was for reform. a profile -- he proposed reform like this 10 years ago. the senate bill that just passed had a dozen republican votes. that i amem forget not running for office again. michelle does not forget. you don't have to worry about this being good for
Nov 27, 2013 4:00am EST
.4%. the trade deficit widening to 8.9 billion from 5.5 in the second quarter. september services up 0.2% month on month. up 0.2% on the year. so yeah, a fairly balanced sort of component as far as that is concerned. robert wood is chief uk economist at berenberg bank. rob, no change on the headline there. how resilient is this growth? how long lasting might it be? >> i think it will be pretty long lasting. we'll start on a decent recovery in the uk that should continue in the in many next year at, around or above trend rates. what we're seeing in this first breakdown is a consumption driven aspect of this recovery. is consumption rising because interest rates are falling, mortgage rates are down significantly over the past 12 months. and also uncertainty, particularly about the eurozone has fallen sharply. so help with saving less, they're spending more and that's driving this recovery and the economy. i think that will continue. the bank of england said just yesterday how dovish it was. so interest rates should remain very low, supporting this recovery, and we should start to see business inv
FOX Business
Nov 26, 2013 4:00pm EST
a deal that does not do anything to improve the deficit but shifts around. it is something that gets rid of some of the sequestered cuts and replaces it with others but does not really improve our overall fiscal picture. david: i don't want to fix the deficit by giving government more money. i want to fix the deficit by starving the beast a little bit. is there any chance of that happening? >> well, what you want to do is control spending. that will not be this deal. this deal will not raise taxes. but it will be anything that is significantly going to give control to spending which in order to do you need to really go after the growing health care costs, the aging population, other policies like that, and it is just not going to get the real drivers of the fiscal problems this time around i'm afraid. david: the fact is, again, when we look at the rollout of obamacare we are reminded again, as if we needed to be, how dysfunctional government is. the last thing in the world you want to do is to be something that is dysfunctional. you want to get rid of what is dysfunctional, cut out as mu
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 12:30pm EST
in pakistan. so there is this trust deficit. they don't know. this kind of activity has been attributed to them, that may come into the tribal areas and they are trying to help with the funds to the terrorists instead of actually administering the vaccine. i know the u.s. is involved and i know a lot of work is legit. but there is reason for suspicious, because the element of trust is not there. i also blame the government because they are not very involved in the activities. we don't know the road map this the government is laying out for how we have to tackle all of this. ten we are talking about a peace dialog, and for a long time there is great consensus and complete consensus from all the political groups in pakistan, that we should try and bring these people to a dialog. and try to discriminate between the militants and the nonmilitants. the peace isn't important for pakistan today. >> we will big up on that after the break, the question we want to ask is what can pakistan and americans take to build on the trust. we will tweet on them right after the break. >> and now, a techknow
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 1:30am EST
deficits, they are bad to do. what did you think of what he was trying to do then? >> i think he was considered to be a conservative democrat, even for those eras. he was nolike the southern democrats, but for that era he was a fairly conservative democrat. the guy i was working for, hubert humphrey, he was fiercely pro-defense and very much in favor of lowering taxe so a different world. a world that was both sides being much more careful and much more conservative, much more limited in the government than they are now. the whole world has turned upside down. everyone is a socialist now. >> you never know with the way that kennedy has been portrayed since, you would think that he was politically social, but he was actually a pragmatic kind of player, moved the ball forward, this might work, and something that would appeal to both sides. >> not only that, but appeal to the average american household at this very moment. everybody watching the show and probably in the last few years had to clean up their own balance sheet. >> not here, other shows, maybe. >> all higher taxes mean
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 2:00am EST
, that other promise that obama made, it's not going to add a dime to the deficit. it already has. >> there's some truth in what you're saying. i certainly wouldn't deny it, but the real issue on that is how long will the delays be? there was a delay we heard yesterday morning that another 30 days, they'll add to the sign-up period next ye. these delays a not critical. they can get to a point, i will absolutely agree with you, where they can become very critil. i do want to add one thing quickly. sabrina said something i really like. she sa that oama car is for the commoners. yes! because most of us are commoners, and that's precisely what -- >> precisely what she said was paying for obama care. >> but hold on a second, one thing, one thing i want to say about e recent delay we heard about, the delay is until just after the next election, remember? that's why that delay was important. the one that w just announced. go ahead. >> yeah, what a surprise. i an, 2014 is going to be a real referendum. you already see a tell-tale sign. cay hagan is looking in grave danger. terry mcconnell went from
Nov 29, 2013 5:00am PST
into the no sweets three deficits this prepares to board the approved good response in the genital tract of dual confection read into what he said he did. i fall for a tiki bar intended that's the play let's make the human body that she suspected the text and paste the clinical trial will determine whether the killing the back seat is more affected. lord i i i i i. it is easy to do that. it is the walls is it worth it. yes other guests. a huge hit with that the hall the law the good. yet the issue at all. show. is that. the news my god the heat. they think of the city seth. local bond all that was difficult. he's been in. it is that you will see. it feels more. or so with the idea the in ay ay ay the case. use. says you'll hurt the air. losing more. tuesday is a little bit lost in. this holiday. since we don't really have. her records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese from the coherence and useful arts and one. the techniques. i'd be interested. is that with not just about learning. no
Nov 27, 2013 12:00am PST
the deficit at its highest point. happen, evenings if nothing happened in america, mine,ildren who look like they all of a sudden see themselves different than they had before. i think that has a value. how it lays out is anyone's guess. the sad thing about two-term presidents is the last term is about what they will put in their library. tavis: you can still find his tv show. you can still find him for standup. >> we live in a country right now where it is harder to buy two packs of sudafed than 10,000 rounds of ammunition. when i look at aaron alexis, the man who shot the naval shipyard. he had a mental illness. his mental illness did not disqualify him from owning a gun but did not qualify him for help. things that many are ironic, that are so sad, that i owe his think if you look at it from an ironic vantage it a littlen digest more. it's a really funny time. i want to ask you a question. workder if that line will in a bar. trust me, i am a talkshow host. >> when women know you have got a tv show, good things happen. >> congratulations on this new venture. that's our show for tonight. th
Nov 26, 2013 5:00am PST
the operating deficits nor does it solve all of the problems that have been identified. about $10 billion have been identified as a need for transportation. and this leaves a gap of 6.3 billion. the task force identified what we believe is required in terms of infrastructure and we'll be proposed some new revenue sources to fund a portion of that gap. so the three recommendations that will be brought forward from the task force is to invest in programs with the greatest impact to first maintain the current transportation system which we found in gr
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am PST
and well as mentioned the top focus on capital we need to address the operating deficit we have with the level of service that we expect to deliver. so the next budget cycle is going to at least try to address some of those key pieces and we look forward to any support we can get to improve and increase the operating revenues to look at more increased for the transit system. i will close there and answer any questions that you may have. >> thank you, colleagues, any questions. single family -- it was pretty thorough. thank you for your presentation. okay. we have don james from parks and recreation. so don is going to discuss so parks and recreation priority projects. >> supervisors, capital director for the san francisco parks and recreation. i have a brief presentation today on the eastern plan for the open space. some of this was covered earlier by the city planning presentation. i think there is one fundamental commitment made as part of eastern neighborhoods. we would create four new open spaces and we are very well poised to follow through on that commitment. as noted in
Nov 26, 2013 6:30am PST
't support existing deficits. so there is a general capital planning needs that we have citywide that brian eluded to. what we are seeing right now from a development standpoint is consistent from what we expected in that needs analysis and that needs analysis is based on projected growth. what we saw was very little development at all and we got what is entitled or under review by the department or in some cases under construction of being built. we have a hot market now. the timing is an a little bit different than maybe we might have projected during the time of the adoption of the plans, but i would say over all, because the needs analysis is based on the development and the capacity identified in the zoning is more or less consistent. >> i just had that question to make sure we have an updated analysis of what the need is. do you know the percentage of the need overall is covered by the neighborhood fees. >> we have at that time that it would kov cover you have to 30 percent. >> 30 percent of the need is covered by the fees. where is the rest coming from? >> it's coming from other fun
Nov 25, 2013 11:00am PST
finding to congress it the immigration reform will play a role in our reducing our national deficit. i think we need to recognize with is a surge of the boarder need to see the surge it will bring to our economy. mayor lee hit it. the supporting business and keeping the right talent will create more jobs. so we continue to drive that messages home. the majority of americans when i look at the numbers support this common sense approach. creating more jobs fueling the economy with the right talent and the right folks we have been educating. so when you look at the numbers and the pop up most americans support this. and they'll see the benefits in their communities. i've repealed many companies and it requires us to come and see the support at the state and national level what's fueling the education don't for the community. we get real focused on the national community but it's at the state and local level. and even smaller towns across the country. so the messages it is from the state and local level first >> let's hear from our young entrepreneurs. your creating jobs and paying taxes
Dec 1, 2013 1:30pm PST
where we have to balance the budget every single fiscal year. we cannot run into a deficit in the new fiscal year. we cannot print more money. we are held to a high standard by our charter and, so, i think that's why these tough decisions are made every year rent. >> what other issues do you feel are facing san francisco? >> i think for san francisco and also elsewhere, one of the biggest issues right now is really how do we ~ attract economic development and spur job creation. and those are two things that really go hand in hand and really is what makes the city vibrant and a place where people want to live and can afford to live. and i think that keeping those city-wide goals in mind, to really want to try to also make sure that locally we support our small businesses and all merchants, for example, give economic benefits and help create jobs as well. >> what are your thoughts on the city's economic development? do you feel we're on the right track? >> i think we're on a very exciting time right now in san francisco where we have a lot of energy in terms of businesses and especially
Nov 25, 2013 4:00am EST
. pats overcome a 24-0 halftime deficit and win 34-31 in overtime. >>> tonight, a dandy for you on espn's "monday night football." 49ers have to have in the game. already looking up to the cardinals and panthers in the nfc playoff picture. the skins and rg3, looking up at everybody in the east. >>> we figured we had to give this guy a ton of credit for doing what he does. that's why he's the star of our "play of the day." >> he's freaked out wheelchair athlete aaron. he's doing tricks that are the domain of skateboarders. he inevitably rights himself and keeps going. >> it's amazing stuff. >> wow. wow. but he recovers. >> he can get back up. tough guy. >>> up next, it's "the pulse." it's all about the american music awards. >> all the fashion, performances. don't forget about miley cyrus. store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the ultimate bed. come to the sleep number store and discover the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. when we actually lower
Nov 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
michigan erased a 14-point deficit, carlos hyde goes up the middle. buckeyes up 42-35. back comes michigan. a little over 30 seconds left. devin gardener finds devin functionious. two yard score and the big house is going nuts. michigan an extra point would tie the game but brady hoke says i want to win this. they go for two, but it's picked off in the end zone. ohio state crazy finish. they remain perfect on the season. 12-0. they hold on to win it, 42-41. high school football playoffs. stonewall jackson at centreville, first quarter, stonewall jackson's greg stroman connects with rock smith. 83 yards, wide open over the middle. the raiders take a 14-7 lead. the wildcats get right back in this game in a huge way. opening kickoff the second half, a.j. turner. takes it on his own 6 yard line. he's going the other way. 94 yards to the house. centreville stays undefeated. they're 13-0 with a 52-27 win over stonewall jackson. >>> let's talk some college basketball now. today, johns thompson iii announced ford whittington has been dismissed from the basketball team. last year he was ruled acade
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Nov 28, 2013 8:00pm EST
football points and rally back from a 14 point deficit, 31-24, dallas in first place in the nfc east, 7 and 5 record. >>> green bay packers, matthew stafford had a monster day, 300 yards, that one to megatron, 40 to 10 for their first thanksgiving victory since 2003. as for the packers, they're expecting their aaron rogers to be back undernumbers next week. >> thanks ross. good news for spaiks junkies. comet ison was no match for sun. comet approaching for a slingshot around the sun but only a trail of dust came out the other end. an amateur, caught isom today. >> mike, isom went by, what can sky watchers expect next? >> the comet is there, dust is there. the nucleus isn't nearly as broit as it was. so -- bright as it was. so it's really too early to tell. i doubt we're going to see a really super-bright comet like they were predicting earlier. >> and mike this is kind of dicey, because we didn't find out until a short while ago that it actually survived. >> as of 20 minutes ago, all the reports had said it had died. and it was already expected to show up on this camera and it didn't sh
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Nov 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
the oakland raiders. the murray racking up football points. the cowboys rallying back from a deficit. dallas sitting pretty in first place with a 7 and 5 record. the detroit lines haven't won a thanksgiving day game since 2003. happy times are here again. matt stafford had a monster game against the packers. the lions spanked the packers. as for green bay, aaron rodgers expected back next week. >> see you later in the show. it's easy to throw something out by mistake, we have done it. a british man threw away an old col purt worth $7 million. >> somewhere under this rubbish in this huge public landfill site lies $7.5 million in bit coins, on a computer hard drive belonging to this man. james howl three it out by mistake. >> i'm devastated. when i realised what i had done it was an oh my god moment. >> he mined the coins on his computer. the process of generating bit coins in the first place and he forgot about them. since then the value has gone up. on thursday is hit $1,000 a coin. jails had 7,500 of them. the private cipto graphic key, without which it was worthless was, you guessed it, on
Dec 1, 2013 7:00am EST
stands at a crossroads, one path leads to deficits, decreasing influence and decline. the other, a renewed american dream we all want. >> mr. chairman, people want to live in peace, real, lasting peace. the peace that comes from independence of the state and being able to run your own life, send your own money and make your own choices. and above all, the piece of a country which is properly dependent against any potential adversary. >> as we take stock of our choices, the legacy of britain's iron lady remains a steadfast guide. [applause] >> that's a hard act to follow. just an incredible lady, and i had the honor of working for lady thatcher several years before i moved to the heritage foundation in 2002. and it was a tremendous privilege just to be in her presence. one of the truly greatest figures of our time. and from a young age actually, i was a huge admirer of margaret thatcher. as a student in high school, i campaigned actively actually for lady thatcher. and i worked on numerous elections, election campaigns for the british conservative party. as a graduate student at
Nov 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
would boost our economy and shrink our deficits. economists have said if the senate bill became law over the next two decades, our economy would grow by $1.4 trillion more and would reduce our deficits by $850 billion more. you don't have to be an economist to figure out that workers will be more productive if the got their families here with them. they're not worried about deportation. this isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do. democratic and republican governors -- just because all that is in place doesn't mean will actually get it done, because this is washington, after all, that were talking about. everything is looked through a political prism. let's be honest. some folks automatically think if obama is for it, then i've got to be against it. even if i was before that, i was for it. but i want to refined everybody, to his great credit, my republican predecessor, president bush, was for reform. i was in the senate, i joined 23 senate republicans back in supporting reform. it's worth remembering that the senate bill that just passed one won more than a dozen r
Nov 24, 2013 9:00pm EST
the deficit because it is falling. he can't ask about the number of people in work because it is rising. he can't ask about banking because he is mired his own banking scandal. what we have learned in the last fortnight -- >> the answer must and will be heard. >> what we have learned in the weeks tonight, two stand up to his bankers, too weak to stand up to his shadow chancellor. we all know it would be a nightmare and that is why we are dedicated to making sure the british people don't have to live through it. >> is he as appalled as i am to hear that potential clients are encouraging sister unions to boycott? that this more evidence these tactics costs jobs, not save them. >> the honorable lady is absolutely right. visiting the london gateway port is one of the most compelling things i have seen in recent years. it is going to be a huge benefit, bringing around 12,000 erect and indirect jobs. she is right about the dangers of union intimidation and bully boy tactics. that is why it is important we have a review and frankly, important that both unite and the labour party take part in that
Nov 29, 2013 4:00am EST
of next year as far as the deficit is concerned. so our sense is that probably it's going to be one of the better performers in the fragile five countries which have large current account deficits. >> yeah, but it's -- the rupee comes under appreciate injury. won't the central bank feel obliged to put up rates further, therefore, restricting growth? >> at this particular juncture, i think inflation could be a bigger driver of trade moving higher. right now, the drivers of inflation are a little bit more temporary. but if we start seeing inflation expectations moving up, there might be a more stronger case for higher rates. that is not our base case, but it's certainly nonnegligible in terms of scenarios. >> good to see you. thanks indeed for joining us. still to come on the show, as the yen hits that five-year low against the euro and the six-month low against the dollar, how long can the weakness in the currency last? the next guest says tlis still a lot of scope to the upside in dollar/yen. we'll talk about it and get more when we come back. >>> as the value of bitcoin hits record
Nov 26, 2013 4:00pm EST
. by the way, we've done all this bringing down our deficit. of trillion dollar eficits, we've reigned in spending. you would think sometimes hreupbs to the tphoebgz in washington that we haven't made progress on that front. and und down two wars changed the tax code and added cut our deficits by more than half and they go down faster than any ii.e since world war ur business has created 7.8 million new jobs over the has months and america recovered faster than most nations, but we have more work to do. doing corporate profits soaring but oo many americans aren't sharing in that success. who works at dreamworks -- a really good place to work. maybe ig to ask jeff if but all of you have friends and family and aren't as lucky. you know there are still a lot out lks who are struggling there. my top priority is making sure hat this country remains a country where everybody who is willing to work hard can get ahead. we'd be a lot further along dysfunction of the and destruction we've seen in washington. further along if just get folks to act sense, if we didn't have one wing of one
Nov 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
to end up with $4.2 billion in cash. senior administration officials will tell you their deficit is $36 billion. they need 60 to 70 billion in exchange. $4.2 billion isn't going to solve any of their problems which are deep in iran. >> we can quibble over numbers. some say it's 6 to $8 billion. but the fact of the matter is once you weaken the sanctions that you have worked so hard to get the international community to come together on, you may be taking your finger out of the dike, and you may not be able to put your finger back into the dike. and the sanctions regime may completely fall apart. once you weaken a sanctions regime, people are going to want to do commerce and buy iranian oil. and once they start doing that, they're not going to want to stop. >> but let's be clear. the oil sanctions have not been lifted. >> they could be lifted in the future, that they might be able to sell petroleum in the future if they change some of these things. the european union is looking at a number of different options here. and you're right. in the short-term it may not change that much. but onc
Nov 29, 2013 5:45pm EST
and daring of the invasion. to climb these sheer and deficit -- desolate coast and take up the enemy guns. the allies were told that some of the mightiest of these guns were here, and they would be trained on the each is to stop the allied advance. the rangers looked up and saw the enemy soldiers, at the edge of the cliffs, shooting down at them with machine guns and throwing grenades. and the american rangers began to climb. they shot rope ladders over the face of these cliffs and began to pull themselves up. when one ranger fell, another would take his place. when one rope was cut, a ranger would grab another and begin his climb again. and climbed, shot back, held their footing. soon, one by one, the rangers andthemselves over the top in seizing the firm land of the top of these cliffs, they began to seize back the continent of europe. 225 came here. after two days of fighting, only 90 and still bear arms. and behind me is a memorial that symbolizes the ranger daggers that were thrust into the tops of these cliffs, and before me, are the men who put them there. --ese are the boys of [ap
Dec 1, 2013 6:30pm EST
committee chairman in d.c. and governor of ohio with the largest deficit in our history now balanced with a surplus, we want to get them to focus on doing their job. we all have to get behind this, republican governors, democratic governors. we have $17 trillion debt. it is sucking a lot of the life out of our country. we have the chinese using american dollars that they take from us to recycle in places around the world with the influence they have. we've got to balance the budget. it will restrain them. it will lead to greater economic growth. it is time to get back on this again. i think it is one of the most important issues the country faces. it will be interesting to see if democrats and if liberals recognize the fact at some point they have to be responsible in that town and meet the challenge of these deficits. >> you have been fighting it your entire public life. that is exciting. let me ask you. i have been struck since i'm in here by how many people are concerned that the republican party will repeat the same mistake in washington, d.c. that they made over the last several
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Nov 29, 2013 6:00pm PST
't worked out. look at the health care. it's not working. he tripled the national deficit. that's why it's frustrating for my length yells trying to go to college and in school you think i will have all this debt and can't better myself. >> a lot of young people like president obama because they are more socially liberal. he was more ideologically aligned on those issues. go ahead. >> especially going off of what he said, i think it's partly the politicians' fault but also the college's fault to a degree. it's wrong in my opinion to take a student, put them in a program that you know as an administrator doesn't have a very high rate of employment and continue to put people into the programs and continue the cycle where they try to get more federal grant money and raise tuition again. you have students who are going to colleges, ramps up more debt and really aren't thinking about it. you asked if the american dream was dead. i do think it is dead a little bit. mortgages are very hard to pay for. especially with very low wages. for people our age, we are going to have to look at other alte
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